Alison Lebovitz loves a challenge and isn’t afraid to tackle the topics that make a difference. She combines her penchant for humor with her unique gift for storytelling to deliver inspiring and motivational messages to groups as few as a dozen and as large as 1,000+ for both corporate and nonprofit organizations across North America. She can customize her keynote speeches or remarks for both the audience and occasion.

How can we inspire and empower the next generation to make a difference? Alison Lebovitz explains how changing the world begins with a small gesture, a sense of community and a simple paper clip. "The Paper Clips Project" that started in Whitwell, Tennessee, promotes student activism and supports service learning in classrooms across the country.

From strong Southern roots to sustaining a sense of Jewish identity and humor, Alison's Fed Talk in Atlanta demonstrates the power and responsibility we each have to live and give by example. (starts at 13:00)

Popular Speaking & Seminar Topics Include:


So what, now what?

Simple Ways to Make Significant ImpacT


Pretty Is as Pretty Does

Living and Giving by Example


the power of story

from the mundane to the monumental,

how our stories change minds and change lives


Just Say No

Say yes to a happier and more productive life

by mastering the art of saying no


Leading Outside the Box

Recognizing Potential and Maximizing Talent in Your

Volunteer Base, Management Team or Workforce


What’s Driving You?

An Interactive Session that Helps Individuals and Groups

Articulate the Values that fuel their Leadership and Philanthropy


It’s Not What You Know

tips for Successful Networking and Communications

(for Teens and College Students)


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