Am I There Yet?

In a collection of candid, hilarious essays, Chattanooga, Tennessee humor columnist and television personality Alison Lebovitz takes us on the ride of her life. Am I There Yet? chronicles her travels toward official adulthood, from her engagement, marriage, and budding career (milestones she wrote about for a monthly magazine in Atlanta) to pregnancies and parenthood.

The fun is in the journey, as Lebovitz embraces life’s small, awkward moments: Looking for a lunch buddy the first day at her new job. Remediating her reputation as the mother of the preschool puncher. Discovering that a dinnertime disagreement with her husband has become the topic of conversation at carpool. We’ve all had those moments, the ones that remind us that no matter how old we get or how far we go, we never quite leave our middle-school selves.